open call


Art as well as technology influences our perception on the world and model the way we interact with it. Their encounter leads to innovation, boosts creativity and gives rise to new means of artistic expression. Wanting to encourage the cultural sector towards the development and
extension into the digital sphere, so important in the context of the current pandemic, CLUJOTRONIC launches a challenge to artists in Romania: to create a project that combines art and technology, for presentation during the festival in October 2020.
At its 9th edition this year, CLUJOTRONIC is a platform for promoting new media artists, offering a space where art and technology merge. Organized by the Institut Français from Cluj-Napoca and the German Cultural Center, this event brings together French, German and Romanian artists and experts in front of a curious and dynamic audience, which annually gathers around 3000 participants. The program includes performances, concerts, interactive installations, VR and AR projects, workshops, debates, an exhibition of independent video games and a Game Jam.
For 3 years now, the festival has been taking place in the halls and courtyard of the Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca, and this year’s edition will adopt a hybrid format, with both online and offline events. Public access to the festival is free.


This call aims to promote digital art projects that can be exhibited / presented at the CLUJOTRONIC 2020 festival between October 2nd – 4th, in the fields of:

· Interactive multimedia installations
· Digital visual art
· Augmented reality art exhibition
· Performing art that uses digital technologies


The call is addressed to artists based in Romania who work in the following fields: digital arts, multimedia art installations, performance. Candidates can compete individually or as group / collective.
The artworks that will be collaborative, transdisciplinary, that will have an element of interactivity, the possibility of online presentation or that will treat the priority theme for the festival: art as a form of involvement / adaptation will be privileged. We are looking for ambitious artists who create high quality, innovative digital artwork and are particularly interested in submissions that use technology in new and creative ways.
In the context marked by Covid-19, we ask the applicants to be mindful of social distancing measures when considering the project they are submitting. Projects should not be intended for large audiences and should not include audience interaction that would involve close contact.

What we offer

The will each receive a grant worth 300 euros for the development and implementation of the art project.
The organizers can provide the technical support for the presentation of the project during the festival (depending on the technical rider) and assistance for the installation. The artworks will be promoted on the available channels.
The organizers do not cover the production costs of the artworks, the transport or the accommodation costs of the artists.


To register, please fill the application form.
The application deadline is on July 15th, 2020.
The results of the call will be announced on July 20th, 2020.