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ArtScience Residency 2022 Open Call

Together with Ars Electronica the Art Collection Deutsche Telekom enables artistic research through science collaboration within the framework of the ArtScience residency. The goal is to exhibit an artwork dedicated to the challenging questions around digitalization and AI at the Ars Electronica Festival in September 2022.

The Art Collection Deutsche Telekom aims to address the social and political changes after the fall of the Iron Curtain and to promote a broader understanding of Europe’s cultural diversity through the visual arts. The focus is concentrated on contemporary art from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. In line with this mission the ArtScience residency is dedicated to artists from this region or who stand in close relation with it, who work at the intersection of art, technology and science and who are particularly interested in researching the social impact of technological developments.

What we are calling for?

We are calling for artistic concepts for objects, installations, artefacts, performances, screenings, or interventions from the area of Interactive Art, BioArt, Hybrid Art, AI & Life Sciences, Sound Art, Net Art, Digital Communities and Art Activism. The aim of the artwork must be to critically question technological developments and tools around the following keywords:
Digitalization and AI, digital humanism, sustainability, climate justice, digital democracy, transformation of society, transparency, democracy, fairness, ethics, global equity, and inclusion.

The Residency

The residency is a fully funded opportunity for artists, designers, or artist collectives to create new dimensions in their artistic practice through encounters with the scientific and corporate world. The proposal can be a new idea or a continuation of an existing research or project. In addition, the residency offers to showcase this project at Ars Electronica Festival as well as to communicate the work internationally via the channels of Ars Electronica as well as of Deutsche Telekom.


One artistic project will be supported with this next iteration. The artist wins a residency consisting of €15,500 artist fee and production cost*.
The fee structure is:
€ 3,000 artist fee
€10,000 production costs for which a proposal is required.
Up to €2,500 travel, accommodation and subsistence, including: 1 trip to scientific partner and 1 trip Ars Electronica
Support from Ars Electronica staff and Ars Electronica Festival.

*In case the winning party is an artist duo or artist group the artist fee, production costs as well as travel and accommodation costs need to be split between the members.

Deadline: February 20, 2022

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