Exhibition: Off World Colonies @ Indecis Artist Run

Exhibition: Off World Colonies @ Indecis Artist Run

Off World Colonies
– group exhibition –

Opening: 8th Oct 2021 18:00 – 21:00
Closing: 14th Nov 2021

Location: Indecis Artist Run

Invited artists:
Aron Madon, Lorena Cocioni, Vlad Gheorghe Cadar, Florin Fâra, Adrian Ganea, Lera Kelemen, Thea Lazăr, Edith Lázár, Vasile Leac, reVoltaire, Silvia Moldovan, Monotremu, Makunouchi Bento, Flaviu Rogojan, Tăietzel Ticălos, Ștefan Tiron.

Seeing the commercials for the off world colonies from the classic sci-fi movie Blade Runner, we were tempted to look for tickets, maybe just one way, no return. But unlike the movie, ecosystems are not yet completely collapsed. Replicants are found more likely in Boston Dynamics videos, and are sources of memes and not of scares or spasms. Viruses and wars make overpopulation not a problem yet.For these reasons we decided to try to bring these colonies here through the exhibition “Off World Colonies” where we invited a number of artists to share with us their vision of worlds outside the world. Whether it’s colonies on other planets where different natural environments force the finding of alternative means of living, perhaps more balanced and sustainable, or colonies in the world of plants, animals or fungi, or even underground worlds or colonies from the future of the Earth, these visions are found in this exhibition in the form of works made in various environments such as video, installation, sculpture, engraving, performance, text. If the off world colonies are not accessible even to billionaires who are competing in the development of rockets to leave Earth, we hope that the works in this exhibition will colonize our imagination and the resulting feelings and ideas will help create a more suitable world for everyone’s needs, right here where we are now.
During the exhibition there will be two creative contemporary art education workshops dedicated to students and children, supported by the artist Mimi Ciora. The dates will be announced later.

Indecis, founded in 2020 in Timișoara, is an independent artist run space initiated by the artists Mimi Ciora and Sergiu Sas and it is an intersectional, inclusive and safe space.

According to the latest rules approved by the Romanian Government, access to the exhibition “Off World Colonies” can be made only on the basis of:
– EU Green vaccination certificate,
– Negative PCR test issued in the last 72 hours,
– Negative antigen test released in the last 24 hours,
– Medical certificate attesting to the SARS-CoV-2 infection, issued 15-180 days before the event.
Please respect all applicable regulations, we encourage you to wear a protective mask and to respect the rules of social distance.

Cultural project implemented with the support of the Timișoara City Hall and the Timișoara Local Council. The cultural project does not necessarily represent the position of the Timișoara City Hall and the Timișoara Local Council. The content of the cultural project and how its results can be used are the sole responsibility of the authors and the beneficiary of the funding. Timișoara City Hall and Timișoara Local Council are not responsible for the content of the material and how it could be used.

Design by Sorina Vazelina

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