Liquid Fiction - digital residency programme and editorial platform

Liquid Fiction

Liquid Fiction is a digital residency programme and editorial platform that explores logistic reversals of contemporary fluidity as methods for ethical, autonomous liveness in the arts today. Initiated by Frida Sandström, run by The Nordic Watercolour Museum in the archipelago of south-west Sweden. Whilst the museum departs from the legacy of watercolors and the use of waters in arts, Liquid Fiction investigates liquidity as a central concept for historical and contemporary logistical systems of communication within which the arts reside.

The current version of Liquid Fiction unfolds over two cycles: the first from May 2019 to September 2019, the second from October 2019 to February 2020. At the end of each residency, an ongoing artistic practice, developed in a curatorial dialogue with the platform, is made public along with reflective essays and expanding research conducted by Frida Sandström and invited writer Gaby Cepeda.

Artists-in-residence are eeefff (RU/BY), Alina Chaiderov (RU/SV), Olof Marsja (SE) (first cycle), Anna Rúin Tryggvadottir (IS), Heba Y. Amin (EG), Stine Janvin (NO) and Hanni Kamaly (NO) (second cycle).

Liquid Fiction is the result of a a digital development project run by The Nordic Watercolour Museum since 2019. It aims at examining digital methods for art experience, mediation and audience development. Within the framework of this project, Liquid Fiction has been initiated and formulated by Frida Sandström. The digital development project is made possible with kind support from Region Västra Götaland region and The Nordic Culture Fund.

Platform link: https://liquid-fiction.space/