Media Art Festival Arad - MAFA8 ::: IN-BETWEEN


Media Art Festival Arad


15.10-01.11 2021
Arad Art Museum / kinema ikon

This year’s edition of MAFA in-between brings together a characteristically eclectic group of artists and makers, providing an opportunity to reflect on the sense of suspension that pervades the present moment. As our attention is drawn alertly from one flash point to another, we zoom in on points of transition, the interstices of the everyday. We consider the role technology plays (or might play) within this reconfigured world of ours (not quite post- anything yet), on the brink of ecological collapse, especially when infused, inflected by or grafted onto art. In its exorbitant artificiality, the green screen becomes a metaphor for the possibilities that might emerge from our current predicament: a ghostly device, phantasmagorical, it manifests, it embodies our deepest desires and fears, our dreams. Amongst the multimedia, video and sound installations on view, we invite you to enter a realm of uncanny, revelatory, entanglements.

Calin Man / Ileana Selejan

Centrul Municipal de Cultură Arad
kinema ikon / Complexul Muzeal Arad