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Simultan Festival 2022 – open call





The 17th edition of the SIMULTAN Festival will take place between September 10-18, 2022 in Timișoara and aims to channel ideas and generate new perspectives in the context of the (post) global pandemic and its consequences, as well as the reverberations caused by the war in Ukraine, actively elaborating through artistic and theoretical productions themes and subjects such as the future and the potential of art in a period of massive transformations.

The title of the 2022 edition, The Changing and The Indeterminate, aims to memorize, explore and build on this state of transition through speculative reflection, a type of heuristic simulation as a conscious reactivation of past behavior stored in memory.

The Changing and The Indeterminate, is an excerpt from a study by Ted Nelson on the structuring and processing of information, in which he first mentions the term hypertext and hypermedia, the idea of ​​a complex system of interconnected elements. This idea was born more than 50 years ago, today there are already complex interconnected systems that give us access to information through the Internet, but it has also created other close connections with the physical world, on different levels, economic, social or scientific.

The world economy is a complex system composed of a multitude of interconnected but distinct networks – networks of people, goods, money or even bits. These networks are in constant motion, people are moving, goods are moving, money is being transferred and data is moving – as has always been the case. Under Capitalism this movement takes on a new form. Movement becomes the precondition for growth, which in turn is the precondition for the stability of Capitalist social relations. In essence, the system cannot survive without movement. But what happens when this system crashes and major, irreparable ruptures occur?

In this sense, it is important to design and inaugurate this ambiance conceptual framework, of speculative orientation.

DEADLINE: July 25, 2022
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