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WimmelResearch-Fellowship – Call for submissions

The WimmelResearch-Fellowship will be awarded as part of a joint project between Robert Bosch GmbH, Akademie Schloss Solitude and Wimmelforschung.

Artists from all disciplines – including architects, designers, authors, sound artists, performers, filmmakers, coders – are invited to apply until December 17, 2019, midnight CET/MEZ for the next fellowship period from January 7 to April 30, 2020. There is no restriction in regard to age with the exception of currently enrolled university or college students. All former and current fellows of Akademie Schloss Solitude are invited to apply.

Theme: »Turning Points & Connectedness«

Which community do we want to live in: a free, social, ecological? What do we need for this community to remain: care, movement, protection? What does it mean to be at risk with each other? How can you share places of the uninhabitable collectively? Is climate protection an inconvenient truth? Who is liable for environmental destruction and for how long? Is renunciation an innovation strategy? Who can teach us this practice? Which mobility does human life need? What roots are necessary for social responsibility? Which kinships can prevent ecological disasters? What does it mean to take care of each other and of our earth?
The current thematic call for submissions for the WimmelResearch-Fellowship invites artists of all disciplines to engage with the topic of »Turning Points & Connectedness« from an artistic point of view. Intended as a trigger for interdisciplinary exchange, the thematic focus aims to initiate an open dialog between artists and researchers of the Robert Bosch GmbH from all fields, in which common grounds, deviations, and controversies can be discussed and constructively metabolized.

The following link leads to more information on the topic mentioned in the text from the perspective of Robert Bosch GmbH.​

The collaboration is based on the development of Platform 12, an experimental space designed by the artistic duo Wimmelforschung in collaboration with Bosch as part of Bosch’s center for research and advance engineering. The platform serves as a creative hub and room for reflection as well as communication for all researchers. As an essential feature, Platform 12 contains a permanent collaboration with Akademie Schloss Solitude, in the framework of which artists of various disciplines engage with the company as indirect observers and initiators in order to exchange ideas with researchers and to work on their own and joint artistic projects.

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The next fellowship will be awarded for the period of January 7 to April 30, 2020. The deadline for applications is December 17, 2019, midnight CET/MEZ.

More information on the call, requirements, selection and the application procedure can be found here.

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A detailed interview on the creation of Platform 12 can be viewed here

A joint press release can be accessed and downloaded here

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