13m10j (MARIUS JURCA) (b. 1984) is a new media artist from Timişoara, interested in neuroaesthetics, data visualization and the connections between art, science and technology. His projects explore the “mental flow” as identitary process manifested at psychical level in different environments and at specific periods of time. He uses custom algorithms and ciphers (based on numbers and sounds) to generate interactive interfaces called identity patterns (I.P’s). The interfaces are small apps or softwares that can be directly explored by user(s), their interactions been presented as unique collective patterns. Since 2006 he participate in different national and international art exhibitions, festivals and biennials. In 2014 he obtains a PhD in Visual Arts.

| :: I.M.I. – CSWB [ 2019 ]

# { :: interactive musical interface with 27 drum sounds, randomly distributed between 516 animated circles > users can generate custom sounds sequences and track their progress as black and white visual patterns > the initial state of the interface is pure white > for a circle element to become black it takes 255 interactions > to make the entire interface pure black it takes 131.580 interactions > between these two pure white and black states, unique visual patterns can emerge } – #

Compatibility: Desktop
Browser: Google Chrome or Opera
Use headphones for best experience or F11 for fullscreen view

Marius Jurca - | :: I.M.I. - CSWB [ 2019 ]
| :: I.M.I. – CSWB [ 2019 ] – 13m10j