Adrian Ganea


Adrian Ganea is drawn to the unreal, intrigued by the magic of the intangible and the ethereal, he seeks the sorcery that incarnates the virtual into solid matter. He is fascinated by the ways the bodiless nonmaterial subject can materialize and transpire into the real world. In his work, he aims to enact the production of fiction, often reflecting on its increasing automation. His practice ranges from designing scenography to programing CG simulations and composing videos.
He graduated at UDK Berlin, receiving a master’s degree in Set Design with his project “Cyborgia” based on Paul B. Preciado’s essay: “How Pompeii invented Pornography, The “Gabinetto Segreto” and the Sexopolitical Foundations of the Modern European Metropolis”. He is also a founding member of artists group virtuellestheater.

Cadmus Sowing Dragon’s Teeth, 2019

Why gaze, Cadmus, at the serpent you have killed? You too shall be a serpent to be gazed on.
A seed, men seed? Once, dragon’s teeth have been sown. Cadmus broke out the teeth of a dragon and sow the teeth in the ground, as human seed. From under the earth spear points appeared among the furrows.
Then this seed grew out and the men started killing each other.
It could have grown something else there.


*Reference: Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Book III, tr. Anthony S. Kline