taietzel ticalos


taietzel ticalos(b. 1986) is a visual artist based in Bucharest. Her artistic practice investigates the transmutation of reality into the virtual space and contemplates the development of digital narrations. She focuses on sexual objectification, social media as consumer media, digital performance and digital reenactment. Between 2014-2016 she coordinated with Gabriela Mateescu the mobile group Nucleu 0000, a flexible collective of young Romanian artists. Since 2019 they manage together the digital art platform spam-index.com.


TechnoVision Deck, 2020

TechnoVision Deck reimagines tarot’s iconography of the 22 Major Arcana cards as a disturbing allegory of our global network society. Following the Marseille deck as a model, the 3D scenes created for the trumps replace the mystic symbolism with objects that point to our technocultural times. Under the premise that to clearly see a thing is a form of power, each TechnoVision tries to capture a negative essence of the technoscape and compel the querent to meditate upon it. As the tarot, the TechnoVision Deck is not an inherently kind tool. The stingy text that comes along has a faux divinatory shell, being used mostly as reinforcing the visual and making the obvious more obvious.

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XII - The Hanged Man, TechnoVision Deck, taietzel ticalos
XII – The Hanged Man, TechnoVision Deck, 2020, taietzel ticalos

The video that accompanies the TechnoVision Deck, The pervasive sense of passage focuses on the idea that tarot is a visual system of transcending time. In tarot spreads, the cards reveal pastness, presentness and futurity simultaneously. All things happen at once in front of the one who seeks insight and the “felt flow of one moment into the next” (Donald Williams) is encompassed by a single act of awareness. (Barry Dainton).