Aceasta e lumea ta

de citit neaparat

test test test test test si iar test

Let that brush dance around there and play. That is when you can experience true joy, when you have no fear. I thought today we would make a happy little stream that’s just running through the woods here. Let’s make some happy little clouds in our world. Maybe there’s a happy little Evergreen that lives here. Trees grow however makes them happy.

We don’t have to be concerned about it. We just have to let it fall where it will. Nothing wrong with washing your brush. It takes dark in order to show light. We want to use a lot pressure while using no pressure at all.

Automatically, all of these beautiful, beautiful things will happen. Everything is happy if you choose to make it that way. Nice little fluffy clouds laying around in the sky being lazy.

Talent is a pursued interest. That is to say, anything you practice you can do. There we go. There he comes.

There’s not a thing in the world wrong with washing your brush. Look at them little rascals. In nature, dead trees are just as normal as live trees. The more we do this – the more it will do good things to our heart. We don’t really know where this goes – and I’m not sure we really care. Have fun with it.

We’ll play with clouds today. And maybe a little bush lives there. These things happen automatically. All you have to do is just let them happen. How do you make a round circle with a square knife? That’s your challenge for the day.