13m10j (MARIUS JURCA) (b. 1984) is a new media artist from Timişoara, interested in neuroaesthetics, data visualization and the connections between art, science and technology. His projects explore the “mental flow” as identitary process manifested at psychical level in different environments and at specific periods of time. He uses custom algorithms and ciphers (based on numbers and sounds) to generate interactive interfaces called identity patterns (I.P’s). The interfaces are small apps or softwares that can be directly explored by user(s), their interactions been presented as unique collective patterns. Since 2006 he participate in different national and international art exhibitions, festivals and biennials. In 2014 he obtains a PhD in Visual Arts.

Social Media { ZOO }, 2022

Social Media { ZOO }, interactive interface - detail, 13m10j, 2022
Social Media { ZOO }, interactive interface – detail, 13m10j, 2022

:: The question is: Are there any similarities between social media platforms and zoological gardens (?) >> let’s see… >> we all live on a small planet >> and on this planet, there are a lot of events happening at the same time >> and these events are influencing the lives of almost 8 billion people each day >> and there is [ internet (!), newspapers, broadcast televisions, radios ] + [ social media platforms (!) ] >> and they generate a lot of information >> and there are people who speak different languages [ French, Danish, Chinese, English, German, Polish, Vietnamese, Afrikaans, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, Spanish, Romanian, Norwegian, Arabic, Icelandic, Hungarian, Serbian, Italian, Indonesian, Hebrew, Japanese, Turkish, Nepali (…) ] >> and they like colors [ #FFB02E, #D3883E, #FF6723, #FF8687, #B97028, #EFD5FF, #3C2C25, #AEDDFF, #CA0B4A, #FBB8AB, #F3AD61, #533566, #FFDEA7, #BB1D80, #433B6B, #F70A8D, #9B9B9B, #F3C07B, #FF6DC6, #A56953, #D3D3D3, #636363, #FF822D, #6D4534, #CDC4D6 (…) ] >> and animals >> and emojis >> and animal emojis [ 🦁 🦒 🐯 🐷 🦘 🦄 🦉 🐬 🐦 🐮 🐹 🐧 🦥 🐱 🐼 🦜 🐨 🐶 🦩 🐻 🐺 🦝 🦊 🐴 🐭 (…) ] >> so — the question still remains: Are social media platforms similar to real life ZOO’s (?) >> to find out >> explore the Social Media { ZOO } interactive project {!} ^^

Project made in collaboration with Szlupek.

Social Media { ZOO }, interactive interface - interaction overview, 13m10j, 2022
Social Media { ZOO }, interactive interface – interaction overview, 13m10j, 2022

● Click or touch any element to play
● Use the reset button to reorder the elements

Compatibility: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Browser: Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera

* child-friendly project ^^

Social Media { ZOO }, interactive interface, 13m10j, 2022
Social Media { ZOO }, interactive interface, 13m10j, 2022

Enter Social Media { ZOO }

:: Social media platforms have become very similar to real life zoo’s, where everybody is trying to make their voice heard, and in this process they generate a lot of noise to the point that nobody can understand each other and can’t decide what is true or not anymore. A real life contemporary circus [ ! ] …

# – { the interface is made of 144 circles and a selection of 25 animal emojis with 25 colors and 25 languages based on 25 news feeds taken from the internet between 23 – 28 Oct. 2022 >> the Reset button randomly distributes all elements in the surface and allow users to generate custom color patterns with each restart of the interface … } – #

Dynamic Links continues our main initiative to commission Romanian digital artists for new works. This was coordinated by Nicoleta Mureș, one of the artists that were part of our portfolio and previously commissioned for our website. Thus, continuing our purpose to create a network of digital artists that help and grow together. With the intention to support more interactive endeavors, the current project brought together programmers and digital artists that collaborated in the creation of one desktop interactive application. The works will be available on our website spam-index.com.

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