3Delusional is an alias used in the online art environment by Ema Motea (b.1998) 3D artist based in Bucharest, a graduate of The National University of Arts Bucharest, currently studying a master’s degree in Interactive Technologies for performing and media arts at UNATC.
Experimenting especially in the interactive animation and installation area, its work focus on conflictual connections taking place at the intersection of social constructs and freedom, using the virtual space as storytelling in the context of a digital culture increasingly becoming the dominant culture. Using rather absurd, ironic, and playful aesthetic nuances, its art practice seeks to challenge ordinary narratives into a new flexible, and expandable approach.

Bărbie, 2022

Bărbie Shop, interactive website - detail, 3Delusional, 2022
Bărbie, interactive website – detail, 3Delusional, 2022

Bărbie is an interactive website in a configuration of an online shop, displaying a collection of 3D characters embodying queer identities and playful aesthetics, meant to question the Romanian cultural approach to gender roles and patterns assigned to everyday jobs or careers.

Bărbie Shop, Măcelar în voal BNTCN, detail, interactive website, 3Delusional, 2022
Bărbie, Măcelar Bărbie Elegant, detail, 3Delusional, 2022
Bărbie Shop, Profa excentrică BNTCN, detail, interactive website, 3Delusional, 2022
Bărbie, Prof. Bărbie Excentrique, detail, 3Delusional, 2022

As Barbie dolls symbolize the objectification of the body and also the social expectation placed and taught by society, I wanted to challenge a new perspective in which the doll becomes simply a projection of the multifaceted oneself.

Go ahead and explore the shop! Scroll through the weirdos and use the controllers to visualize 360° every character.
You can also buy your favourite doll for JUST 0,00 lei NOW (and forever), so HURRY UP!

All things considered, we deliver a comment section where you can see what our fellow Romanians have to say about this initiative.

Click here to enter Bărbie Shop 😉

*[A project made in collaboration with George Varga]

Dynamic Links continues our main initiative to commission Romanian digital artists for new works. This was coordinated by Nicoleta Mureș, one of the artists that were part of our portfolio and previously commissioned for our website. Thus, continuing our purpose to create a network of digital artists that help and grow together. With the intention to support more interactive endeavors, the current project brought together programmers and digital artists that collaborated in the creation of one desktop interactive application. The works will be available on our website spam-index.com.

Dynamic Links is funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration and does not necessarily represent the position of the AFCN. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the results of the project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.