Gabriela Mateescu talked to Marius Jurca, co-founder since January 2018 of the artist-run space DIGITAL:CANVAS\ in Timișoara.

The interview takes a keen interest in exploring the challenges and nuances of exhibiting digital art and running a space dedicated to it. Displaying digital art often involves complex technical considerations, and running a space dedicated to digital art may require investments in technology and infrastructure.

This is one of the reasons that galleries and museums dedicated to new media art are nonexistent in Romania. Hopefully this artist-run space is a start, along with other independent initiatives to bring focus to digital art locally.

| Interview by Gabriela Mateescu |

Nicoleta Mureş - Lunar Report, 2022

Nicoleta Mureş

After being invited to contribute with a work of art in 2019 on the platform, Nicoleta Mureș returned as a coordinator/curator of the project Dynamic links, where she selected 6 digital artists that were paired with programmers to create 6 desktop apps available on our website.

On this occasion, we wanted to get to get to know her better, what inspires her, what was her experience as an artist and as a curator, her latest project and future plans.

| Interview by Gabriela Mateescu |

The first night after wedding, Ştefan Tănase/He Yuhui

Ştefan Tănase

Ştefan Tănase is an emerging Romanian artist whose practice tackles different areas of interest, extracting particularities from different domains that are then put together, decomposed and recomposed. He describes himself as a nomad in reality and virtual reality, taking interest in new ‘worlds’ and new ‘spaces’ for living.

| Interview by Sabin Borş |

Corporate Cannibal, Vlad Anghel

Vlad Anghel

Vlad Anghel’s practice is located at the intersection between art, design, and technology. In his work, he often appropriates obsolete 3D aesthetics and surrealist references, creating virtual environments that can be described as magical realism.

| Interview by Sabin Borş |

Untitled, Tristan


Tristan is a visual artist whose artistic practice is based upon the relationship between online identity and the effects it has on the mental imagery of oneself. His work is concerned with the intersection between online space and real life, focusing on the impact of Internet culture on identity. His interest in the digital performance of the self has been constant and manifested through mashups of pop items, patterns of religiosity and sentimentality, 3D creations and the obstinate build-up of an online persona which surpasses his live presence.

| Interview by Sabin Borş |

Untitled, George Crîngaşu

George Crîngaşu

George Crîngașu’s work ranges from installation to animated gifs, and it is mostly comprised of 2D and 3D compositions build on freely available content found rummaging through various corners of the internet. Re-assembling bits and pieces of data gives him a feel of participating in the sort of entropic nature information seems to rely on: any type of data should be perpetually in motion and perpetually in a state of change.

| Interview by Sabin Borş |

adela-muntean - Poisoned_Paradise

Adela Muntean

Adela Muntean’s works and research explore a multitude of ideas and techniques that the artist developed during her studies in media and cinematography. Her latest interest revolves around the possibility to relate immersive and digital media in the context of interactive documentary and media art.

| Interview by Sabin Borş |

Wall Painting and Cryptocurrency Mining Rig, exhibition view, ECAL, 2018, Tudor Ciurescu

Tudor Ciurescu

Tudor Ciurescu is a visual artist and student at École Cantonale d’Art Lausanne whose practice evolves around the interpretation of contemporary culture and the tech world, from bitcoin to memes.

| Interview by Sabin Borş |

The Birthday Party of an Android Not Yet Installed, Thea Lazăr

Thea Lazăr

Thea Lazăr is a young artist whose work ties Internet culture with real life, focusing on how technology influences us and our online behavior. She has been actively involved in various cultural projects and events in Cluj-Napoca together with the Aici Acolo collective.

| Interview by Sabin Borş |

I am the queen - Anastasia Manole

Anastasia Manole

Anastasia Manole is the avatar created for her works online by Bucharest-based Gabriela Mateescu, a feminist artist who works with performance, video-performance, installation, and drawing.

| Interview by Sabin Borş |